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Nerello calabrese

Our journey crosses tradition in the taste of Nerello

Historically known as a native Sicilian wine, in reality the history of Nerello has its roots deeply in the Calabrian territory: cousin of Gaglioppo, it was considered so valuable to be exported from the hills of Cosenza to the north of Italy and France, to enrich the already robust and sustained flavor of Sangiovese and Cabernet. This exporting practice, along with a progressive affirmation of other more successful crops and with a higher production in the short term, resulted in the progressive withdrawal of the Nerello along the other crops: so in the 1800s the traces of the Calabrian nerello are lost in the links of history, with magnificence of a wine tradition.

In an era in which Calabria is known all over the world for other productions, our intent was to reclaim the historical tradition and to support the natural inclination of the territory. For this reason we decided to dedicate ourselves to a product sadly forgotten, but with an unmistakable taste. Our journey crosses the tradition in the taste of nerello, a noble and rich wine, the result of a passionate and entirely manual processing, to preserve a high quality production consistent with our philosophy and wisely guided by the precious competences of the Enologist Dott. Emiliano Falsini and Agronomist Dr. Stefano Dini. 

Our wines

Eleuteria, Nerello Muscalese in purity

A clear ruby, great concentration. At the nose violets and musky rose, then it lets emerge dark notes of Mediterranean scrub, bark, rust, rhubarb and blood hints, at the end corroborated by mentholated balsamic, licorice and marine hints. The palate is full of gentle strength, fine tannins and great extraction, alcohol diluted by tartaric freshness in evidence, the finale is savory and with vegetal returns.
Our wines

Esmén Tetra, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio

Luminous ruby. The nose is a succession of wild berries, humus, vegetal bush and rhubarb, then macerated red flowers, licorice root, on the bottom well-assorted touch of dark spices, accents of cinchona and iron hints. Expressive sip of the grape, flattering for freshness and tannic scan, warmth in the right dose, closes elegant on a wide vegetal return.
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Where and how to find us

The Estate is located in Travale di Rovito, just 9 km from Cosenza, in Calabria. The winery and the vineyards are open to enthusiasts who want to discover and taste our wines in a landscape of rare beauty.