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Our history

Ours is a story of passion

Tenuta del Travale was founded in 1993, when its owners took over an abandoned fund transforming it radically. The estate is located in Travale – Rovito, 9 km from Cosenza, at an altitude (520 meters) ideal for winemaking, in a historically very suitable territory. 

In 2007, the old vineyard, now almost unproductive, was completely uprooted. Two hectares, placed on two opposite sides, equal in size, are terraced following the natural slope and then replanted with the current varieties of nerello mascalese (80%) and nerello cappuccio (20%), framed by a centuries-old olive grove.

A Calabrian micro-farm, where ‘small’ has the meaning of Beauty and where resilience allows to follow sometimes very difficult objectives. The cultivation of grapes, ecologically complex, underlies the concept of sustainable agriculture but at the same time promotes ‘the vineyard ecosystem’. All good practices, objects, production and consumption, are aimed at saving energy and waste are to be considered ‘friendly’ towards Planet Earth. Horses, butterflies, bees, fireflies integrate in their turn a landscape that represents the purest Passion of the Estate. Nature, the true Queen of these places is always supported by the owners who preserve the secrets with Love. Craftsmanship remains the other pillar on which this story was built, a categorical Imperative that in fact contemplates a small winery, ‘de garage’. Culture is the last piece. There is a deep link with the glorious past of a Land conquered by ancient Peoples in which the whole world of Knowledge is rooted and developed, progressively. The passage leaves deep grooves with authentic and incredibly original implications. The terroir is this one as well. Tenuta del Travale wants to remember the ancient splendor of those times through the labels of the wines. The miniatures of the Abbot Gioacchino in fact, give a sense of eternity in the completeness. Passion and History, in the end, are inextricably linked.

Tenuta del travale

Excel in quality, our hallmark

The quality that distinguishes the project of Tenuta del Travale, comes from a deep reflection and a consolidated lifestyle. The concreteness of the ‘little’ but refined, elegant and attention to details, belongs to the semantic field of Love and Beauty sought and desired. Excellence is its natural destination. The landscape is spontaneous: the vineyards, descending steeply, vertically to the sky, decline their shapes between terraces and steps demanding a careful and meticulous processing that only skilled hands can accomplish. The small size of the vineyard, the yield per plant deliberately very contained, allowed to contemplate only a high quality, consistent with the philosophy of life of its owners. The vineyard, arranged on two sides called ‘Maneggio’ and ‘Anfiteatro’, is exposed to the sun throughout the day and is affected by important climatic excursions, with the strong night breeze, lashing in winter days, sometimes snowy, and comforting on hot summer nights. The majestic mountains of the Sila, which stand out from behind, influence the climate, resulting in a unique atmosphere.

Tenuta del Travale belongs to the territory of the Sila Biosphere Reserve (you can consult the site of the UNESCO Program  “Man and Biosphere“).

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Where and how to find us

The Estate is located in Travale di Rovito, just 9 km from Cosenza, in Calabria. The winery and the vineyards are open to enthusiasts who want to discover and taste our wines in a landscape of rare beauty.