Tenuta del Travale

Tenuta del Travale was founded in 1993 when its owners took over a vast abandoned estate, transforming it completely. In 2007, the former antique vineyard, which was almost totally unproductive was completely replaced. Five hectares, situated on two opposite sides, of the same size, were terraced following the natural slopes of the hills and therefore replanted with the present varieties of 80% nerello mascalese, and 20% nerello cappuccio.
All of this is within a framework of olive groves that are centuries old. The estate is situated in an area called Travale di Rovito, just 9 km away from Cosenza, at an altitude which is ideal for winemaking (500 metres above sea level) and in a territory that already in the past was considered very suitable. The small size of the vineyard, just five hectares has imposed a criteria of high quality for production, in line with  its owners’ life philosophy. The cultivating is done all by hand and this is due to the steep slopes of the terraces. This creates the wanted outccome of very low yields per hectare. The vineyard, considering the location, is always exposed to the sunshine throughout the course of the whole day, it is also affected by the great variations of temperature due to the influence of the Sila, which is nearby.