One day, as in the most beautiful fairy tales of lost childhood, Esmén Tetra 2018, the new classic wine of Tenuta del Travale, was born among the majestic and wild woods of Presila. A rib of Eleuteria, which evokes with every sip but at the same time departs from it to give life to an independent wine, characterized by its agile completeness. Once again Nerello Mascalese dominates, combined with a small quantity of Nerello Cappuccino. The vineyards, which descend steeply, vertically to the sky, are the same as those of Eleuteria, but the experience of past harvests has revealed intrinsic characteristics of this heroic viticulture. The secrets of this strip of land, with its strong breath of the wind, whipping in the winter days, sometimes snowy, and consoling in the hot summer nights, have revealed peculiarities that we have decided to ‘trap’ by selecting the grapes to be used for two wines. Eleuteria and Esmén Tetra, children of the same generous land, but unique in their overbearing personality.

At its debut, Esmén Tetra wins the Three Glasses of Gambero Rosso:

its clear aromas of red and black berries, officinal herbs and candied violet, very elegant the mouth marked by dense and elegant tannins which in competition with the acidic hint will guarantee it still many years of longevity.

Esmén Tetra, a name chosen again from the vocabulary of the Greek language, to have its roots in an ancient past. Esmen, verb to be, the verb that generates existence and life. Very strong in its radical form, always absolute in position but weak in its conjugation because it is closely linked to the subject.

Esmén for Tenuta del Travale agrees with ‘tetra’- four, because the estate is worth the people who live it, look after it: Raffaella, Carlotta, Matilde and Nicola.

For the label we wanted to keep the same style: a miniature of Joachim of Fiore, a tree with its branches and leaves that symbolizes Life, discreetly to the side.

Esmén Tetra, casually versatile, soft and persistent, an extraordinary journey into the senses.

Drink and enjoy!