Calabria, Cosenza, Rovito and its hills in history.

Without going too far back, to the Greek and Roman domination, starting from the Middle Ages, our territory was ‘illuminated’ by the birth of the abbot Gioacchino da Fiore (1135-1202), an eclectic personality as he was a monk, abbot, theologian, exegete, thinker, reformer, mystic; a figure, that of Abbot Joachim, certainly complex, profound but that we at Tenuta del Travale share in its entirety and above all in its always modern flavor, in that gaze that sees the future always protagonist.

We therefore chose to reproduce on the label a drawing of the Abbot that could link our wine to this figure of undoubted value, an expression of our places.

Dante also mentions Joachim in Paradise: Pd XII 140 ‘Light me from the side / the Calavrese Abbot Giovacchino / gifted with a prophetic spirit’ …. as a testimony to the value of this character and the historical importance he held for modern thought.

The label, in addition to taking up a design by Abbot Joachim, represents a dog that eats grapes, in fact on our family crest, of Florentine origin, this symbolism is present.

Our ancestors in the 1300s, natives of Florence (the three Florentine lilies), moved from Tuscany to administer a vast fiefdom in the territory of Cosenza, arriving just at the moment when Dante raised Joachim’s fame by magnifying him in the Divine Comedy.

Finally, every year, we have decided to insert a Latin inscription on the label, which will promptly change according to the vintage. On that of 2014 you will find on the right side: ‘assuesce unus esse’. That of 2015 instead is: ‘sic itur ad astra’. That of 2016 is ‘non fine sed multum’, that of 2017 is ‘natura non facit saltus’. It will be our way of expressing a thought related to wine with a wider breath.




Our bond with Tuscany is repeated with the choice to collaborate with a Tuscan winemaker: Emiliano Falsini, a Tuscan who once again meets our territory to enhance its peculiarities and project our wine into the future.

The production was born following a project sought and subsequently carried out by our family who, while carrying out professions not related to agriculture, strongly wanted to create an innovative project but with a strong link to tradition in a corner of Calabria where the viticulture has always been present.

Passion for nature is the leitmotif that accompanies the whole history of the family and the vineyard, indissolubly united in the growth, in the development of a dream that has turned into reality over the years. Any detail has been considered with the accuracy of those who have dedicated their resources to an idea that expressed, through its product, great quality and originality. Tenuta del Travale is located in a high hill area (520 mt.), On a buttress of the Silan mountains characterized by evident temperature variations between day and night.

The Sila, dominating the vineyard of about two hectares, strongly conditions the climate and the nature of the soils; our small vineyard, which extends over gentle terraces, embraces two opposite sides of the estate, one facing south-west and one facing south-east.

We are in the Municipality of Rovito, an area of ​​Calabria where the eye is attracted by the lush vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, our vineyards are in fact surrounded by holm oaks, beech trees, prickly pear trees and olive trees as well as typical local essences that surround this microenvironment pristine. To the east, the imposing Sila plateau, which reaches almost 2,000 meters, protects us from the north winds, and to the west, just under 30 kilometers, the Tyrrhenian Sea. In short, a very particular place where the Mediterranean climate is mitigated by the presence of the Sila making this area a very atypical Southern Italy.

The territory of Rovito is historically linked to the vine, the Nerello Mascalese, which found its roots, in ancient times (during the Greek domination), in northern Calabria, expressing all its elegance, its firm and decisive tannins in the Cosenza area. Over the centuries, this variety has often been replaced with more productive ones, with different characteristics at the enological level. We wanted to rediscover the Cosenza tradition by planting Nerello Mascalese, the historic vine of our hills.

Today as then, thanks to the peculiarities of a suitable territory, to the sunny and warm days that follow the cool nights and sometimes harsh winters, we think that Nerello Mascalese has found its ideal location: elegance, longevity and finesse are the hallmarks of this great autochthonous red variety that has made the history of other Italian regions.

The winery is located just 9 km from the city of Cosenza, the whole territory benefits from a strategically fortunate position as from Rovito you can reach the Tyrrhenian coast in thirty minutes by car and the mountains (almost 2000 meters) of Sila in twenty minutes. with its air that has been defined as the purest in Europe.

The cultivation of our vineyard is strictly manual in all phases, from pruning to harvest. The 2 hectares are cultivated on narrow steeply sloping terraces which require manual management and with particular attention to soil management.

We firmly believe that the result is an original product in which the naturalness of the territory is combined with manual management; the contact with the vineyard is almost daily, as well as the work in the cellar.

We intend to produce a wine that deliberately expresses the Calabrian and Southern character. For this reason we cultivate the vineyards knowing every single parcel, cultivating it in such a way that it is not homologated: we support, as ancient custodians, the nature that dwells.

Even in the cellar we use artisanal techniques to make every single terrace we work differently and consciously ‘express’ at best, therefore without pre-established protocols.